Effective October 27, 2016

With heavy hearts, the Tripoli Reunion and Tripoli Reunion Committee are closing their doors, effectively immediately. Plans for a 2017 Tripoli Reunion in Houston have been cancelled, nor will there be any successive Tripoli Reunions planned.

It has been a great run since the inaugural 1980 reunion. Over a span of 35 years, the Tripoli Reunion enjoyed attendance highs of 700. It settled into a comfortable average of 150-200 attendees in its middle age, and followed up with successive reunions of 100 or less in its twilight years. Sadly, attendance has declined steadily through the years.

The 2013 and 2015 reunions had lower than anticipated attendance. Hotel costs have dramatically risen. The hope was that as students of OCS and Wheelus aged and became more affluent they would replace their parents as attendees. This has not occurred as other class, school, and friend specific reunions better suit their needs.

A digital version of the Tripoli Address Book, improvements in the internet (including the Tripoli Reunion website), the rise of email, and the advent of social media have made it easier to stay connected.  We encourage everyone to continue to use these to stay in touch with Tripoli friends.

We extend hearty thanks to the many individuals who supported the Reunion with time, energy and money. These include Dale Scott (OCS Student), Don Ray (OCS & Wheelus Student), Gary Reinsch (OCS & Wheelus Student), Debbie Piwetz (OCS & Wheelus Student), Linda (Grantham) Cheesman, Elaine (Webster) Tschuor (OCS & Wheelus Student), Michele Voorhees (OCS Student), Holly Voorhees-Carmical (OCS Student), Molly Brown (OCS Teacher), Jim Ebert (OCS Student), Alicia Fitts (OCS Student), Ann Diebel (OCS Student), Carly (Greatsinger) Seipel (OCS Student). Thanks also to the spouses and families, to those recruited at the last minute for quick jobs, and to everyone who attended and enjoyed the Tripoli Reunion.

The Tripoli Reunion website has been paid up until the year 2020 and should continue to function until then. Email will continue to be monitored but much more infrequently. The final issue of the Chicken on Wheels Gazette will be the Fall 2016 issue. A final Tripoli Reunion Address Book will be issued in the Fall 2016.

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